Ripple Effect: Youth Ministry

Student Ministry – Jr. & Sr. High

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Our Mission …

To create a community where teens experience a safe, fun, caring environment that will encourage, nurture and challenge them in their walk with Christ carried out in daily life.

The Ripple Effect

Is our Midweek Youth program to teenagers attending 7th – 12th grade. Meeting on Wednesdays the Ripple Effect provides a fun, safe environment where teens are invited to participate in fun games, exciting fellowship, challenging topics and discover Christ as the true source of hope and life. We hope to help them ultimately deepen their relationships with God, our youth leaders and each other as they learn how their ripples in life affect all those around.

Ripple Effect: Deeper Water

This is our small group ministry aimed specifically at the youth and designed to take them deeper past the surface topics and discussion in order to: challenge long held assumptions, discover real truths and give them courage to better face the arrows the world and culture shoot at them. Here they will develop skills to not only defend the faith they profess, but truly live it out daily. Deeper Water groups currently meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am – 10:15am with groups separated to meet the needs of Junior High and Senior High Students.